50W Motion Sensor Barn Light Makes Life Convenient
Jul 30 , 2021

50W Motion Sensor Barn Light Makes Life Convenient

high output barn light

Designed to deliver optimal, low-glare illumination with an optical sensor which is in order to  small light attenuation and longer service life of LEDs, this 50W LED Dusk to Dawn Light adopts domestic famous brand SMD light source. The material is made of die-cast aluminum and high thermal conductivity ADC12 aluminum, which is sturdy and durable, good in heat dissipation, and has a long service life. For residential and commercial outdoor applications, it provides years of maintenance-free general lighting and can deliver a fast payback.

the application of wall light

The 176A series outdoor wall light has some outstanding advantages in structural design and construction materials. It pays great attention to solving the heat dissipation problem of the product. The aluminum alloy material makes the product durable and the power supply has good heat dissipation. The heat sink adopts high thermal conductivity ADC12 aluminum material, which has a large heat dissipation area. 50W commercial barn light uses a high-purity aluminum radiator with high thermal conductivity. The capital investment in these aspects guarantees the stability of the product function, greatly extends the service life, and makes the product have the characteristics of over-temperature protection, wide voltage range, high power factor, high efficiency, and good heat dissipation effect. In addition, the famous domestic brand SMD light source has high brightness, low light decay and longer service life, which greatly reduces maintenance and labor costs.

details of barn light with sensor

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