Morstar LED Health Lighting Solution
Aug 06 , 2021

Morstar provides advanced lighting solutions and lighting systems. Especially in the LED lamps, a lot of operating costs are saved. Although the life span of LEDs is significantly longer than that of traditional fluorescent lamps and exists in most existingcommercial buildings,However, due to the needs of the office environment, LED lighting alone is far from being able to meet the needs of modern offices. Morstar LED Health Lighting Solution, fully utilizes new technology to transform architectural lighting and shading to provide a good solution.

Morstar LED Health Lighting Solution

Scientific data shows that insufficient light and glare can affect the visual system and cause headaches and neck pain. When sufficient daylight and scenery outside the window are available, it can produce positive effects and improve people's mood and work motivation. Indoor Intelligent Control Linear Lights are ideal lighting options because they can reduce glare. In addition, in daily life after COVID-19, as people are concerned about infectious diseases and diseases that spread through building surfaces, owners, managers, and residents will appreciate the non-contact control automatic system.

Indoor Intelligent Control Linear Lights

In summer, reducing lighting requirements and saving energy in specific areas has become a significant demand. At two demonstration sites in the Los Angeles area, using Outdoor Wireless Lighting Control System to retrofit automated packages for shading, daylight collection, LED lighting and advanced lighting control shows significant energy-saving effects. After installation, the lighting energy conversion package decreased by 35% and 42%, and the complete package utilization of the entire building (site) energy site was reduced by 25% and 15%.

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