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Jul 05 , 2021

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At this stage, most of the lighting designs on both sides of the Neijiang River in cities that can be visited use traditional lighting techniques accumulated over the years, which illuminate the top structures of high-rise civil buildings, and most of them are golden. Everyone is tired of these slightly heavier color temperatures, and even feel that the architectural lighting on the shore, the outline of the linear lights and the flickering of the point light sources have become a failure to destroy the harmony and beauty of the environment.

After 2010, China's urban lighting construction has gradually entered a blowout development, and significant results have been achieved in enriching the public's night life, driving night economic growth, and promoting the development of the urban lighting industry. But at the same time, problems such as over-construction, light pollution, and homogenization of the city's night scenes caused by the face project that is out of reality, the image project, etc. have become increasingly prominent.

On June 1, 2020, China's "Urban Lighting Construction Planning Standard" CJJ/T307-2019 (hereinafter referred to as the "standard"), which aims to standardize and strengthen the entire process control of urban lighting planning, design, construction, and operation, was officially promulgated and implemented. How to use the lighting under the new concept to repair the urban night ecology, guide the city night life, and promote the development of the city night economy has become a problem that all related industries must pay attention to. At the same time, it also poses a difficult task to the lighting industry practitioners.

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"Burn the mountain" to scare away the birds

Around 2000, Hangzhou used tens of thousands of lights to illuminate the entire Gems Mountain on the north shore of the West Lake. As soon as the lights came on, all the birds flew away. About a week after the lighting project was launched, local citizens saw bugs crackling and falling from trees nearby. This kind of lighting has a very serious pollution problem, not only is not environmentally friendly, but also affects the ecological harmony. The industry refers to this lighting as "burning mountains."

The design of "burning mountains" is not uncommon in the early new century. Urban lighting in this period pursued visual stimulation, with bright as beauty and gorgeous and flashing as beauty. It can be said that for more than ten years, urban lighting has been extensive and free. In the high-speed expansion stage, the contradiction between the low-end similarity surplus and the high-end value insufficient has become increasingly prominent.

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At the end of 2018, the China Institute of Illumination pointed out the "three major problems" in the industry in the report "Promoting the Orderly Development of the Core of Urban Landscape Lighting through Active Guidance and Industry Self-discipline": super-level construction, non-emphasis on ecological and environmental protection, and homogeneity. serious.

On December 2, 2019, the Central Education Leading Group on the theme of "Don't Forget Your Original Heart, Keep Your Mission in Mind" issued the "Notice on Renovating "Landscape Lighting Projects" and other "Achievement Projects" and "Face Projects". This has had a major impact on the old urban lighting concept that is accustomed to high energy consumption and light pollution.

In the past, urban lighting construction under the background of "lighting project" usually focused on landscape lighting, ignoring the functional lighting construction of various public spaces (such as pedestrian walkways, underground passages, pedestrian bridges, back streets, open parking lots, etc.) . In fact, different urban spaces and different time periods in the same space have differentiated night activities. The single mode of urban lighting is not conducive to the creation of a differentiated night scene atmosphere by time period, and it is also not conducive to the energy-saving control of urban lighting.

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Return to "Nature"

In the past two years, there has been a trend of rational regression in urban lighting construction. The latest release of the "Standard" broke through the original single planning level control and transformed it into a whole process control covering all stages of planning, design, construction, and operation. It clarified the three stages of urban lighting construction planning, namely, the overall urban lighting design and key points. Regional lighting planning, design and implementation of urban lighting construction require consistency and continuity between all stages. The "Standard" has brought many new trends to urban lighting construction planning.

First, carry out the "four-zone demarcation" of the city (dark night protection area, restricted construction area, moderate construction area and priority construction area), and put forward restrictive requirements for zoning. For example, in ecological protection areas, it is necessary to maintain the dark sky of the city, and in the urban space with high landscape value or a large number of public activities, and the main functions of commerce, entertainment, culture and sports, etc., priority should be given to the arrangement of landscape Lighting construction.

Taking Shenzhen as an example, Shenzhen Bay not only has a large mangrove nature reserve, it is also an important site on the way for 100,000 migratory birds to migrate south through the winter. Under this background, the design of "partial improvement" and "subtraction" for Shenzhen lighting was proposed, such as concealing lamps, avoiding glare, environmental protection and energy reduction, etc., so as to realize "seeing the light without seeing the light", "eco-friendly" and "eco-friendly". "Use light for people", and finally achieve "return the stars to the city." Except for the necessary functional lighting in this area, other landscape lighting will not be done. In the new large-scale municipal construction in Shenzhen in 2018, there was still no excessive lighting.

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Second, urban lighting returns to functional requirements. With the transformation of urban lighting construction from extensive to refined development, urban lighting should play an active role in enriching night activities and enhancing the night experience of the public.

"Cultural tourism night tourism economy" is not "night tourism lighting economy", "global tourism" is not "lighting up the whole city". Using lighting engineering to develop tourist routes is a method, but don't abuse it.

For example, the urban life interface includes residential quarters, vegetable markets, street businesses, community parks, etc. There are miniature water systems, landscape vegetation, green corridors, jogging tracks, etc. in the communities. The light of the living interface should be distinguished from the light of the public interface. The latter is lively, strong storytelling, and rich in cultural carriers, while the former has to reflect quiet, warmth, and a sense of belonging.

City lights have to make their own style. For example, the special feature of the landscape lighting renovation of the North Bund in Shanghai is that in addition to meeting functional lighting, it can also meet the needs of night cruises on the Huangpu River and lighting performances for major events.

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Achieve "Symbiosis"

At present, new lighting technologies, new processes, new products, and new equipment have been rapidly promoted and applied. The widespread popularity of architectural multimedia, the rapid development of various light shows, lasers, drones and other novel light performance methods, interactive , Smart landscape lighting and the explosive growth of smart light poles, etc., constantly refresh people's traditional understanding of urban lighting.

No matter what new technology is adopted, the essence of urban lighting planning is to make a reasonable organization of the urban environment at night, and it is the embodiment of urban aesthetics at night. This requires us to coordinate and organically combine various urban landscape elements. Together, carry out unified planning to form a night scene with reasonable functions, harmony and beauty.

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Any design must be based on the "people-oriented" design concept. For example, there are two different viewing perspectives for car and pedestrian: the main perspective of car viewing is the depth of the building directly in front, whether the top of the building is continuous, and the focus is on the long-distance lighting scenery. This kind of perspective focuses on the transition between light and dark of the building, the creation of a key commercial atmosphere, and the guidance and marking lights of traffic intersections. The focus of pedestrian perspective observation is the landscape lighting on both sides of the street, the uniformity of road illumination, commercial formats, main building entrances and exits, light sculptures, scenery walls, vegetation, etc. The focus of this perspective is to improve the lighting quality of the bottom of the building and the street pavement. The local interest and appeal of the space make the city details richer and more vivid.

The lighting concept of many cities has been quietly changing. The "Administrative Measures for Urban Lighting in Hangzhou" currently implemented by Hangzhou not only stipulates where functional lighting or landscape lighting needs to be installed, but also clearly protects the "Black Sky Reserve." At present, the mountains in the western part of West Lake and Chaoshan Scenic Area have realized "unconditional prohibition of lighting".

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What kind of urban lighting is better?

Only on the basis of the unique humanities and regional characteristics of each city, and the overall planning of night scene layout, brightness, color temperature, dynamic lighting, color light application, light pollution control and other all-round factors related to urban lighting quality, can we establish an effective lighting system , A better city lighting that realizes the "symbiosis" between people and the city in the true sense.

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