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Jun 30 , 2021

Author by Morstar lighting company

Current status of domestic tourism in China

In China, the overall volume of domestic tourism is currently large, and the number of travelers has increased year by year. The tourism form is mainly sightseeing tourism, supplemented by shopping, accommodation and other consumption items. There are problems such as serious homogeneity and obvious traces of commercialization, which make tourists' desire for consumption trend going down, affecting the income of scenic spots.

At present, tourists are becoming younger and younger. At the same time, tourists' demand for in-depth leisure tours and personalized tourism in scenic spots is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for diversification of products will also be higher and higher. Therefore, tourism transformation to meet the needs of tourists for interactive experience, back again and consumption desire is very necessary.

Development advantages of cultural tourism projects

The key to cultural tourism projects is to highlight the value of "culture". With local culture as the core and tourism as the carrier, it is a win to win development model at both spiritual and material levels.

This characteristic development model combining soft and hard is easier to avoid homogeneity than the previous single tourism. At the same time, using local culture to tell stories can make local scenic tourism more appealing and attractive, drive tourists' emotions, and create immersive experience environment.

The most important point is that this hardware-based development idea and operation model can greatly improve the renewal of tourism, while at the same time creating the sustainability and innovation of the scenic spot, and at the same time reserve more possibilities for cross-border integration.

Lighting helps the cultural and tourism industry

Cultural tourism lighting, as the name implies, is a lighting design centered on cultural tourism, using lighting to reflect the appearance of culture, so that the lighting meets the characteristics of tourism needs, this is cultural tourism lighting. Driving the economy with culture, taking culture as the core theme, and enhancing the night tourism experience with lights that LED garden Light will also be an important way for the transformation of cultural tourism projects in the future.

This involves the issue of lighting performance. Cultural tourism lighting is based on cultural premises, and most directly shows the overall manifestation of specific time and space at night, landscape, and atmosphere. It is a special carrier that carries themes and culture. Such as: LED inground light.

As soon as you step into the world created by this light, you will subtly convey a preset artistic conception. Tourists can empathize and bathe in the cultural atmosphere through sightseeing; while some nodes or performance modes are more deeply extended and excavated. The cultural characteristics and infectiousness are reflected, and the attraction of the essence is fully bloomed in an instant like "listening to thunder in the silent place", strengthening the senses, leaving memory points, and becoming the finishing touch of the cultural experience.

Professional Optics designers View

As a manifestation of night tourism, cultural tourism lighting should fully consider the sustainable development of economy and ecology, with the concept of "respect for nature, caring for design", reasonable planning, appropriate lighting, and strive to achieve the following goals:

1. The cultural theme of the cultural tourism project is distinct, conforms to the local characteristics, is comfortable for tourists, and is recognized by the residents;

2. The scenic spot has a distinctive style, interesting and civilized, and has a certain appeal and influence;

3. Strong sense of experience and participation, diversified development, and lasting attractiveness;

4. Stimulate the local economy, help commercial development, regional economic promotion, and avoid excessive commercial packaging; At the same time, please consider that using LED solar street light which can saving-energy consumption for green economic development.

5. Show the spirit of our country's spiritual civilization and cultural self-confidence, and create a healthy and upward tourism atmosphere for domestic and foreign tourists.

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