Major Propositions for Mankind ——Healthy Lighting

Aug 09 , 2021

Major Propositions  for Mankind ——Healthy Lighting

Scientific research has found that light as one of the main driving forces of the human body's circadian rhythm system, whether it is natural sunlight or artificial light sources, will trigger a series of circadian rhythms. Light affects human health to varying degrees through visual and non-visual effects. Therefore, to advocate "healthy lighting", the solar spectrum is the healthiest spectrum.

The so-called healthy lighting mainly means that the spectrum of the artificial light source used for lighting should be as close as possible to the visible spectrum of the sun (imitating natural light lighting), and the lighting must meet the functional requirements of the place and the psychological requirements of people. It not only requires the comfort of lighting, but also satisfies people's psychological emotions in terms of color temperature, brightness, and harmony between light and shadow.

Stroboscopic hazard is an old and difficult problem for traditional light sources, but there is basically no stroboscopic hazard for LED products. Due to the easy dimming of LEDs and the ability to integrate multiple chips in one lamp, better color reproduction can be achieved and visual fatigue can be reduced. Therefore, compared with traditional light sources, LED has more advantages in the control of stroboscopic hazards and color reproduction, and it is also more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Therefore, as long as the design is reasonable and scientific, LED lighting will be the best choice as an artificial light source for healthy lighting. LED products such as high bay and low bay light or outdoor solar garden light have been widely used in commercial or industrial lighting.

The solar spectrum mainly includes ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectra. Ultraviolet rays have the effect of sterilization and disinfection. It can kill mites and other microorganisms or pathogens, promote the synthesis of vitamin D, prevent and treat rickets and rickets, and prevent osteoporosis in the elderly. It has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, promotes local blood circulation, and regulates immunity. Infrared rays have a good therapeutic effect on human tissue metabolism, blood circulation, and enhancement of human immune function; at the same time, it has a therapeutic effect on muscle spasm, muscle strain, soft tissue damage, and body tissue swelling. More and more LED products broaden their application areas through a customization of the spectrum. Utilizing the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet light. Air purification UVC germicidal light is now available on the market. The LED grow light was invented by using the effects of different spectra on plant photosynthesis.

The disruptive innovation caused by semiconductor lighting is not limited to functional lighting. With smart interconnected lighting, smart wearable devices, LED visible light communication, UV LED technology, digital control, Internet thinking, the application of light health in the human settlement environment will expanded from visual effects to more extensive "phototherapy" effects such as mood regulation and rhythm repair, a series of "phototherapy formulas" for sensing the effects of sunlight, such as lamps including indoor mini wall pack light or troffer light equipped with sensors and wireless lighting control systems for use , Will be promoted and applied in various architectural spaces such as hospitals, elderly apartments, hotels, schools, offices, beauty salons, etc. It will be another gratifying achievement for light and lighting to boost human physical and mental health!

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