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Productos de iluminación tradicionales y LED

Ofrecemos todo tipo de iluminación interior y exterior para crear una zona de iluminación maravillosa y cómoda. La iluminación comercial e industrial puede ahorrar energía y costos. Haga un pedido en línea ahora.

Morstar Mining High Light 100W

The Mining High Light (MS-HHB1001E-100W) are different with traditional high bay Light,which more bigger and heavier product. Its personal design mini high bay light and feather look like more smoothly.

Commercial Lighting UFO High Bay Lamp

150w LED UFO high bay light, named after it looks like a UFO (unidentified flying object). Its service life is equivalent to that of the light source, effectively reducing the temperature of the light source, ensuring the stability of the light source and extending its life.

LED UFO Styled Highbay Light Fixture

100W LED high bay light are specifically designed for higher ceilings and larger areas. This allows them to provide a more directly focused light to create powerful lighting from a distance.

4FT LED Vapor Tight Light Fixture

Operating between 100 and 277 volts, this UL Listed LED Vapor Tight Light is an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional fluorescent in a variety of commercial buildings.

100W All In One Solar Floodlight

This 100W integrated solar flood light adopts diamond-shaped surface reflection technology design, ultra-high-efficiency reflective light source, which effectively enhances the brightness of lighting, and is widely used in industrial and outdoor lighting places.

100W LED Solar Flood Light For Outdoor

LED Solar Projection Lamp (MS-SEFL1001E-25W)used efficient LED light source design, with high luminous intensity, accurate beam, irradiation distance.

High Efficacy Solar Street Light 100W

This product ( MS-ESST1103A-100W ) are popular product that solar street light focus North American and Latin American markets. For application: Urban roads, Residential Roads, Industrial parks and Pedestrian streets.

High Efficacy Solar Flood Lights Outdoor

This LED Solar Flood Light (MS-ESFL1101A-15W) application is widely used for industrial and outdoor lighting site. LED solar flood light suitable stadium, sports field, plaza, bill board, parking lot ,outside walls, and landscape plant. Usually we are using diferent solar flood light in industrial area for meeting different project requirements.

Outdoor Solar LED Garden Light

Outdoor Solar LED Garden Light is a patented private model product designed specifically for pedestrians. Precision-manufactured and injection-molded acrylic improves glare control and visual comfort in non-pixelated optical images.

Outdoor All-In-One LED Solar Street Light

All in one LED solar street light integrated Panasonic lithium batteries and monocrystalline silicon sunlight/motion sensors together, and provide the complete lighting solutions for garages, gardens, and driveways, etc.

Outdoor Energy Saving Powered Waterproof LED Solar Flood Light

This Tk01 series solar flood light is breakthrough in floodlight illumination technology combined with LiFePO4 battery performance, which a perfect choice for illuminating large areas. Compared with the conventional design, the solar powered lighting option is extremely energy efficient and low maintenance. A completely “green” option with no gases or other harmful emissions.

Lámparas portátiles de inundación solar LED de seguridad remota al aire libre

Las lámparas de inundación solar de la serie tk01 son un avance en la tecnología de iluminación de inundación, combinadas con el rendimiento de la batería lifepo4, son la opción perfecta para iluminar grandes áreas. En comparación con el diseño tradicional, el esquema de iluminación solar es muy eficiente energéticamente y de bajo costo de mantenimiento. Opción totalmente "verde", sin gases u otras emisiones nocivas.
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