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Productos de iluminación tradicionales y LED

Ofrecemos todo tipo de iluminación interior y exterior para crear una zona de iluminación maravillosa y cómoda. La iluminación comercial e industrial puede ahorrar energía y costos. Haga un pedido en línea ahora.

Module LED Flood Light Stock In USA

The light that special fin LED Flood Light (MA-EFL1201A-100W) is difference with traditional LED flood light which the heat sink is on the back of the lamp, this new item use special fin type heat sink, making the lamp lighter and better in heat dissipation.

Ultra Economy Flood Light Product Available Stock In USA

The LED flood light (MA-EFL401B-80W) is general purpose flood light and have available stock in USA. They are integrated visor flood light for reduced glare and achieve IP65 rating certificate that protects against dust and water.

Outdoor Aluminum Housing IP65 LED Flood Light

Morstar's 300A series LED floodlights are ideal outdoor flood lighting products. A variety of installation methods make this LED lamp provide better outdoor and commercial lighting for gardens, factories, landscapes and accent lighting.

100W High Mast LED Flood Light

High efficient outdoor LED flood lights are different from traditional LED floodlights. They use special fin-type radiators to make the lamps lighter and better heat dissipation. At the same time, it has excellent corrosion resistance and standard respiratory restriction, and is widely used in industrial and outdoor lighting places.

100W High Mast Flood Light

High heat dissipation flood lights can produce highly diffuse, non-directional light. Ideal for LED commercial lighting applications, these flood lights are available in stadium, sports field, plaza, bill board, parking lot, outside walls, and landscape plant.
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